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Who am I?

Who am I? First of all a man who has seen a lot. I was born in 1972, grew up in communism, and finished secondary school in 1990, the year that changed everything in Central and Eastern Europe. Since that I've been doing a lot of stuff. I've studied English, Pedagogy and Human Resources at universities, even did Jounalism (as a short detour).

I've been an English teacher, a journalist, the manager of international affairs at a trading company, and then, in 2000, I strated my carreer as a business trainer and coach.
That's what I've been doing ever since. I've done a whole lot of training for various organizations, including multinational companies, small businesses, state and local authorities, ministries and trade unions. I've met and talked with so many people, and so many have asked me to help them that it can almost be measured in statistical proportions.

During these times personal life coaching has become my absolute priority. It is partly attributable to the fact that an impressive amount of events, happenings, issues, happinesses, tragedies and small, everyday nothings have have found me. I've seen births, deaths, happiness and misery, raised two kids (if you can ever finish a job like that), and buried adults. I think I am the kind of people to be called widely experienced. And widely experienced people are happy people. They can offer their experience to help others, and in addition, they can make a living from something they genuinely know and love.

All the experience one has comes with obligations. It would be a waste of life and resources to let it just pass into oblivion after a few decades of life. The more you've seen in your life, and the more you've paid for it, the more you are obliged to pile up some kind of wisdom. And then, you either succeed, or you don't.

Whether or not you have succeeded is decided by others. Those who have asked for your help, and trusted you. Those who live their lives without trying to gain something from the things they've seen miss important aspects of their lives. What I've been trying to do is get the most out of those decades and to pass on to others as much as possible.