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Stress Management

One thing that is the same in Cenatral and Eastern Europe and the West is stress. We all have to live with it and its effects on us. We all know it exists and feel its daily toll on us, however, we can rarely do something real against it. Certain representaions of stress are not the same in this corner of the world as a few hundred kilometres to the west, but the basic scenario is always exactly the same. Soberingly so.You have a say, too

You have a say, too

Here in Central and íEastern europe we like to say we are a troubled region. This is true, but I think we shouldn't overemphasize it. The truth is that man will be man all round the world. Wherever you are, you are forced to do something with your stress. Stress creates a neither-with-nor-without-situation. We all need it but also fear it. Striking the right balance is key to survuval in the jungle. This mostly plays out in our personal life, everyday interactions and conflicts. How do you react to your conflicts? Do you escape them? Do you face them? Do you create them?

What I offer

During my training sessions we try to jointly uncover the mechanisms of everyday stress, and to grasp the psychology of human conflict. We do situational exercises and try our hand on both sides of the field. This way we get information from almost real-life practice and give meaning to the things happening to us. We discuss what good and toxic stress is. We arm ourselves for the daily struggles of life.