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Presentation Techniques

Are you scared of public speaking?

Speaking publicly, giving a speach, making a presentation is not a simple matter. According to studies, it is one of the most stressful activities to be done. For many people even telling a joke is highly frightening. This type of stage fright is totally understandable. Most people avoid such situations as long as they can.

As opposed to this, the everyday reality is that in many jobs, even physical ones, you may be forced to speak publicly. In front of superiors, co-workers, subordinates or total strangers, often as critically decisive moments of your life. Quite often, you don't even have to be in your workplace to get in such a situation. Sometimes a school reunion, a family gathering or a visit to the doctor's office can force you to to speak in front of others.

What presentation training is for

Good presentation training has two major responsibilities.

1. It has to teach you learnable elements: techniques by which presentations become technically more easily and effectively carried out. It has to give you methods, solutions and even tricks to make your life easier.
2. Even more importantly, it also has to prepare you not to be scared. To resist the forces that numb you, make you clumsy and tipsy in front of your audience. It has to show you how to get to like presenting in front of other people. How to look forward to it.

What I offer

My presentation training keeps in mind these two factors. I am sure techniques and tricks are important, but these alone don't guarantee a good presentation or speech. The desireable goal is that the presenter should love presenting. That they should be interested in what they are saying, they should want to convince the audience. I want you to be able to prepare thoroughly, and apply the available techniques to reach your goal, simply in order to feel comfortable and move on the ground more confidently.

The ideal presentation training lasts for two or three days, with a whole lot of practising, psychological background, close-to-reality simulations, video recordings and analyses. By the end you are going to be exhausted, but it's worth it.