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Negotiation Techniques

Everybody negotiates

In everyday life everyone regularly negotiates, even if they don't even realize it. It's not only at the negotiating table that you need these skills but also at home and in the streets. You negotiate with your spouse, your boss, with the butcher, the chimney sweeper, the homeless person in the street, the bus driver, the traffic warden, the police officer and your mother-in-law.

Negotiation techniques everywhere

When the family discuss the details of the next summer holiday, they apply negotiation techniques just as much as diplomats in the most official situations. The wife votes for long walks in old towns, the husband would rest on the beacch. The kids would rather check out a festival and the mother-in-law would like to join them anyway. They all employ their best practices, some better, some less successfully.

Instinctive and trained negotiators.

Some people instinctively negotiate well, others can't really find their place in such situations. Negotiation, just like presentation, is composed of two parts: techniques and attitude. You can master techniques, but real success comes when you are comfortable in neotiating situations. The most successful negotiators seem to enjoy every second of talking to others. The more you practise, the more routine you pile up and the more easily and effectively you can apply the negotiation skills you have acquired.

What I offer

My negotiation training practice dominates over theory. Exercises are arranged in a way that the technical and psychological skills are embedded in very concrete exercises. Theory only works if it is backed up by practice. In order to achieve this, I will put you through a long range of group exercises, and, of course, a video camera will play a major role.